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If you’ve been for treks before then you’ll understand what a trek is all about, and if you’ve never then you’ll possibly wonder why people even bother to go for a trek. Read More...

The answer to this is difficult to explain in simple words, however it sufficient to say that trekking in Kashmir is enough to change the way you view the world for the rest of your life! It may seem a little ambitious when we say this, but we know this to be a fact!

Throughout our years of experience in dealing with individuals from different parts of the world we have seen the effect it has had on them, apart from this we know firsthand the effect is has had on us.

We’ve been for many treks in Kashmir and we simply love what we do, it’s hard to explain the beauty, sights, sounds and overall experience no matter how long and how hard we try! But apart from this, we also know all the things to do and those not to, to have a really wonderful experience. And putting our years of experience to good use we provide you with some of the best treks imaginable.

When not being presumptuous when we say this! There are a couple of reasons why we can provide such assurances; the first being because we love our jobs more than anyone else loves their job in the world! The second reason is because we care more about the experience you have on every trek, regardless of how many you’ve been for before. Every trek is different even if you’re walking the same route again; no two treks are the same. What we care about is making sure that the experience you have is a once in a lifetime experience for this we do a bit and we make sure you do a lot!

Now, you may be wondering what makes us so different. Well, trekking Kashmir is different but the experience you have while trekking is what makes everything different. A trek through the beauty of Kashmir and Ladakh has a profound effect on a person’s life. When you trek through Ladakh or Kashmir, the experience will set you free; this is impossible to explain in words. The beauty of Kashmir is indescribable as in comparison to other parts of the world and trekking through this beauty has an effect on a person’s mind, body and soul.

Simply put, once you’ve done this it will set you free and you’ll be a changed person. The experience is worth a million other experiences. They say the word impossible is simply I’m-possible put together, but once you experience a trek in Kashmir you understand why we say it’s impossible to describe the experience! You’ve got to experience it, to understand it.

With Kashmir trek, you will never feel want of gear, camping, cuisine or any other requirement on your adventure trip. We provide you complete gear, camping, lodging, food, professional expert escorts and everything you need. We know your needs better than others!
We provide different level training and instructions programs before you set out on your adventure into one of the world most appalling mountain ranges. We know the terrains and you need to know it before stepping up into them. These mountains are baffling and certainly not for amateurs!
Our next trekking adventure, 17 people group, starts 4th July to the dazzling Gangbal Lake. This lake originates from the glaciers situated along on the northernside of Mount Harmukh. With white snow-clad mountains reflecting in the crystal water of the lake, the adventure is truly heavenly.
Now that you are ready to set on the adventure, don’t be excited to rush with the things. Maintain your health and plan your trek properly. Physical fitness is a key to a successful trek. Before you set out, make sure you are physically fit.


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